The Best Laid Plans…

To be honest I’ve not had a good start to 2011.

Disaster #1

On the 2nd January I got my phone wet. I needed to ring someone at the time so stupidly tried turning it on several times. The result was a short circuited phone. [If you ever get your phone wet take the battery out immediately and leave it well alone till it’s dried out! The gadget show ran a good feature on this a while back. I actually watched this particular show but could only remember the bit about putting it into rice!] So with a broken phone and 5 months left on my contract I’ve been doing a lot of arguing with my phone provider and a lot of trying to find out people’s numbers. Although both my memory card and sim card are fine my contacts have been lost somewhere in the space inbetween. I stupidly haven’t backed them up (unless you count a battered old filofax and bits of scrap paper in a drawer) despite working in digital preservation. I have learnt my lesson and promise to sync my contacts with my PC when I get a new phone.

I am now using a really old phone and desperately trying to sort something better out so I don’t end up living in a digital void (when outside the house) for the next few months.

My old Nokia

Disaster #2

Last Friday (7th January) I fell over at netball practice and hurt my ankle. It’s all a bit of a blur but I rolled on my ankle, felt a sharp pain, had to stop myself from being sick and then got carried off the court (all very embarrassing). Our team nurse (we are a lucky team!) suggested I go straight to A & E as it within minutes it has swelled up considerably and looked pretty gruesome. Wanting to avoid A & E on a Friday I night I put on a brave face and got a lift home. Most of Saturday was spent at Chippenham minor injuries unit getting a check up, then at Bath Royal United Hospital getting an x-ray, oh and hobbling about on crutches (much to my children’s delight). Luckily it wasn’t a break but a nasty sprain. My foot is now huge and black and blue – I’ll spare you a photo. We’ve eaten a lot of defrosted peas over the weekend.

The Remote Working Dream

So no driving for me. This morning my husband has taken the children to school and nursery early – he has an hour commute before his 9am start. I now find myself sat at my desk earlier than usual. If I wanted to I could still be wearing my pyjamas! For the first day since I started working from home I am living ‘the remote working dream’ of not having to have to leave the house before starting work. OK so I’m in agony and getting downstairs to make myself lunch may be a struggle, but ‘no pain no gain’ hey?! 😉

And as for my phone, maybe the retro look is back in? At least I have my iPod touch to keep me going over the next 5 months.

Fingers crossed disasters don’t really come in 3s….


12 thoughts on “The Best Laid Plans…

  1. Really sorry to hear about your ankle! If you add in the home improvement disaster in December you could count off your 3s?

    Just wanted to say, don’t knock old filofaxes and scraps of paper as a preservation strategy. This week I was contacted by an old school friend wanting to get hold of a third common friend from our school days, who is untraceable on facebook, telephone directoreis etc. I was able to dig out an old email (from 2002!) with an address for her that someone had managed to obtain by doing a little bit of investigative-like work for when I was doing my wedding invites. And a mobile phone number, literally written on a scrap of paper in my (ahem) ‘organiser’ (two bits of plastic holding together a large bunch of scraps of paper, all held together by a rubber band). Incredibly the phone number was still correct, and I look forward to the reunion with both friends at the upcoming wedding.

    Slight deviation from remote working there, but I know Marieke has been working on preservation issues too (And coudln’t miss a chance to share my anecdote) – although now I am slightly worried Marieke will ask me to submit a photo of my wannabe filofax.

  2. Thanks Monica and Felix.

    Hopefully my DIY disaster (2.5 litres of brown varnish on sisal hall flooring – currently waiting on insurance mandate) counts towards the 3 even though it was in 2010. Am starting to feel very accident prone!

    Had a good chat with some friends about personal digital preservation over the holidays. Now that I’m digitalising my vinyl collection I really want to make sure everything is backed up. Intend to get myself an external hard drive to store everything on asap.

    I have a big pile of address books that stretch back over 20 years. I keep wondering if I should throw them out but always think I might need them one day, and I’m probably right!

    Have a great school reunion/wedding!

  3. Marieke,

    Hi. I read your blog from time to time and knew about the varnish incident, but not about the phone and your ankle. My commiserations. I know someone (nameless!)who dropped a phone in water recently, and foolishly switched it on to see if it was still working. Instant short circuit, though the water hadn’t got into the battery compartment at all.

    I’ve got old address books going back to schooldays. Quite a mine of information! I can’t imagine throwing them out. The portable HD is a really good idea, and you won’t regret it.

    I hope the ankle gets itself sorted soon, and that you escape old phone hell as quickly as possible!

  4. BTW, keep the external hard drive somewhere other than your home between backups. Otherwise, if there is a disaster such as a fire you lose all your data. Cloud based backups are another option, though I’d still keep my backup just in case…

  5. Sounds like you’ve had a tough week! Hope the ankle gets better soon. I water damaged my phone last year dropping it down the toilet! Apparently it’s the top way phones get wrecked. I dried it all out before I turned it on but still no joy. I’ve now got phone insurance!

    Hope you get sorted out soon.


  6. Commiserations! A sprain hurts worse than a simple fracture – just don’t make the mistake I did and overdose on the painkillers!

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