Blog Policies

These policies are based on those provided on the UK Web Focus Blog.

Policies For This Blog

  • The contents of this blog will primarily address issues related to remote working including cultural issues, legal issues, media coverage and related technologies.
  • The blog will seek to both disseminate information and encourage discussion and debate.
  • The target audience is remote workers, those working in virtual teams, offsite workers, in particular those in the UK higher and further education communities, government and not-for profit sector, and cultural heritage sector, together with key players in the international community.
  • A set of procedures will be published which will aim to ensure that the blog implements these policies and that the blog is widely accessible, functional and interoperable.
  • The writing style, grammar and design of links will seek to make the blog readable.
  • Minor changes to blog postings and comments may be made to fix errors.
  • Comments which are felt to be spam or are inappropriate will be deleted.
  • In exceptional circumstances, postings and comments may be deleted.
  • The blog reflects personal views and I will carry on writing it independent of who my employers are.

Quality Assurance For This Blog

The following quality assurance processed will be deployed:

  • A spell-checker will be used prior to publishing a post.
  • Feedback on posts will be encouraged.

Changes To The Policies

Also note that:

  • The scope, policies, target audiences and procedures may be subject to change in light of experiences, resource implications or changes in external factors.

Change Control

This page was first published on 17 September 2008. Updated 21 August 2013.