A Remote Farewell

In true remote worker style earlier today I had my online leaving do in a Google Hangout. (I went for a drink in London with some colleagues last week – a proper F2F thing). I’m not properly leaving Open Knowledge till the end of next week, but a lot of people are off to AbreLATAM ConDatos so today made more sense.

It was a drop in affair – and really lovely to catch up with people. For a bit of fun we also played a quiz. The idea was that I provided a clue for a place (city, country, place) and people on the hangout had to decide on the place and the Open Knowledge person that the place is connected to.


I also received some great (virtual) presents – a voucher from Cos (so I can buy some smart new work clothes – no more pyjamas for me!), a remote worker t-shirt and some personalised post-it notes! My amazing colleague Cecile LeGuen has also made me a fantastic OK:FM playlist of farewell songs (on Spotify).


I want to say a massive thank you to everyone at Open Knowledge for my lovely gifts and for being such fab colleagues over the last 2 years!