Guest Blog Posts

An opportunity to talk about your remote working experiences:

  • Are you a remote worker? Do you work while on the move? Would you like to share your experiences with us?
  • What is your hardware set up? What do you have in your remote worker kit?
  • Do you use remote working technologies? What about mobile technologies?
  • What apps or Web sites would you recommend for remote workers or people who work on the road?
  • Have you had any funny or interesting experiences while working from home?
  • Do you take part in virtual meetings, participate in video conferencing, present or attend webinars?
  • Do you have experience of using cloud computing or online social networking/crowd sourcing tools that might be relevant to the remote working community?
  • Do you work in a dispersed team? Or do you manage remote workers?
  • Are you involved in a green IT initiative or remote working project?

If this is the case, why not share your experiences by publishing a guest blog post on Ramblings of a Remote worker. Contact me and send over an idea. Posts with photos or images work best. Especially photos of the author!

Previously published guest blog posts:








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