Coffee and Chatting into 2011

New Year’s Resolutions anyone?

At our UKOLN All Staff Contact day held just before Christmas the UKOLN remote workers had a much needed face-to-face meeting. One outcome was that we made a joint New Year’s Resolution to have more informal ‘meetups’ so we can support each other with any work (or non-work) related issues. We agreed that we will hold these ‘meetups’ at the same time as the weekly on site coffee meetups held by UKOLN at Bath University. Whoever is about can just pop in.

All Staff Contact Day - face-to-face Coffee

Today we had the first of our ‘Remote Worker Coffees’. We initially toyed with the idea of using Google Talk but opted for Skype as we are all familiar with it. We may try out some other options in the future.

Remote Worker Coffee - my view on Skype

I initiated the chat (voice only – too soon after Christmas for video!) and the 4 of us who were about ‘met up’ and chatted for 30 minutes about our Christmas break, broken mobile phones, teenager’s online etiquette, digital preservation and much more. It was a definite success and I think we all left feeling a lot better about being back at work!

Roll on the next Remote Worker Coffee!