Amplifying IWMW2009

iwmw-logo-transparentThis week is a busy one for me. I’m co-chair of the Institutional Web Management Workshop, an annual 3-day event for Web site creators/managers working within Universities and Further Education Institutions. We are a touring workshop so this year are at the University of Essex, Colchester Campus, from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th July 2009.

While the event is ‘my day job’ and not necessarily relevant for remote workers (though there will be some great sessions including ones on using mobile devices, QR codes and using the social web to maximise access to resources) I’m sure how we propose to amplify the event will be of interest. This year we want to try to make sure remote participants feel as included as those actually on-site! Some of the amplication techniques that we will be trying out will be new for us and you might just want to tune in.

Live Video Streaming

There will be live video streaming of main plenaries given at the event. The video service will be hosted on the University of Essex Web site but the best place to get started is the IWMW Video Streaming page on the IWMW Web site. This page contains further information about the video streaming and the accompanying live blogging (which will be provided by the iwmwlive Twitter account and a CoveriItLive service).

Live Blogging

We’ve actually got a proper real person (Kirsty McGill) whose role will be to live blog the event! Kirsty and I will also be running around with our cameras and video cameras snapping anyone who comes near us! Photos will all use the iwmw2009 tag and go up on Flickr.


We’ll make every effort to get as many of these up before people present. They will be on Slideshare (under the IWMW2009 event) and available from the site.


There are a couple of Twitter accounts on the go:

  • IWMW is a more general account for information posts related to the event, also good for alerting you to blog posts
  • IWMWlive will be the live blogging of the event.

If you are tweeting about the event use #iwmw2009 in your tweets. This will mean that tweets will be aggregated with others containing the same tag. There is more on IWMW and Twitter on the Twitter page on the IWMW Web site.

We are also going to have talk specific tags e.g. #iwmw2009-p5 which will relate to the fifth plenary. This will allow us to make use of a Twitter Wall (software to be decided) and show tweets relevant to a particular talk.

Remote Delivery

One of the speakers found out late in the day that they couldn’t attend so have pre-recorded their talk. Their session will be run by a facilitator who will play their talk alongside a Twitter wall. The facilitator will interject the talk with questions and comments from the audience and hopefully the speaker will be able to reply from their remote location using Twitter or SMS.


We’ve now got a IWMW2009 blog on the go which is for use in the run up to the event, during the event and for the wind down afterwards. There is loads that will be of interest to remote participants, from information on talks, discussion topics and BarCamp information to interviews with delegates, and maybe even interviews with remote attendees!

Anything else…?

There is probably something I’ve missed but here are some other posts around on what we propose to do:

I’ll write more on how it’s all gone when I’ve had time to catch my breath!

Wish me luck!