Tagxedo – is it too Wordley?

I was in a meeting discussing images for an e-learning module and someone suggested Wordle. The consensus was that Wordles are everywhere and that they tend to be a little cliché these days. I originally wrote about Wordle on this blog in 2008!


One suggestion was that we use Tagxedo instead. Tagxedo lets you create shaped tag clouds from Twitter IDs, Delicious accounts, RSS feeds, Web sites and searches. The tag cloud above was created from a search on ‘remote working’. There is a lot of customisation available, but unfortunately it doesn’t let you paste in words and use them to create a cloud – though it’s possible that I just haven’t discovered how to do it. You can also buy posters and/or mugs of everything you create.

There are lots of other tag cloud creators around, such as Tag Crowd, Word hearts and Worditout. But are the days of the tag cloud as a visual image numbered? Is is just not new and fresh enough? If so, what can those of us with mediocre graphics skills use to illustrate a point?