Vibrant Vidi Video!

The LinkedUp Project that I work on has just launched the second of its competitions – Vidi. The competition is aimed at developers and is asking them to design and build innovative and robust prototypes and demos for tools that analyse and/or integrate open web data for educational purposes.

To support the competition launch we worked on a publicity video. I’ve created screencasts and videos in the past but have never had the luxury of a graphic designer to help me. Anyway the end result is pretty cool – despite it being my voice!

To create it I wrote the script and then recorded the audio using Audacity, saving it as an MP3. I already had some ideas for the visual story and shared these with our graphic designer, who created a story board. After some discussions we agreed on the ideas and he put it all together (he is a star!). At first it was just my voice, but then we added some openly licensed music and sound effects, to make it a little less dry. I finished the process off by uploading it to YouTube and manually adding captions for accessibility reasons. You can create your own caption file in advance (caption files contains both the text and time codes for when each line of text should be displayed) but as the video was only 2 minutes long it was easier to do this manually. If you haven’t got the time to do this you can just add a transcript.

All fun and games!

For those who want to create quick and easy videos there a plethora of tools out there right now. My children seem have a new app on the go each week. A few weeks ago I attended MozFest (I’ve written about what I got up to on the Open Education Working Group blog) – one of the tools they were keen to promote is Popcorn maker. This allows you to remix videos from YouTube and other sources. Someone also pointed out Videoscribe made by Sparkol, which lets you create those scribble type videos. It costs but you can get a free 7-day trial, which should be enough time in which to create a video. Anyone else spotted any good tools?