Vidi Webinar for Developers

Yesterday The LinkedUp team ran a webinar on the latest LinkedUp Competition – the Vidi Competition.

The Webinar was a way to allow us to engage online with developers who are interested in the competition but needed an introduction, and those who had technical questions to ask. We began with a brief introduction to the LinkedUp Challenge, the Vidi Competition and the new focused tracks (specific problems we’d like the developers to solve). There was then an overview of the technical support on offer and a Q&A session which gave people the opportunity to ask our technical team some specific questions.

After a trial run with Meeting Burner that didn’t go too well we decided to use Adobe Connect as one of the partner institutions have a licence for it.

The software worked brilliantly – the only issue was that for some of us the connection went at around 10 minutes in. Unfortunately I was talking at that point and dropped out of webinar – on the upside I was near to finishing.

Screen Shot 2013-12-12 at 14.01.36

After the initial presentation the technical team (Mathieu D’Aquin, Alessandro Adamou and Stefan Dietze) answered questions from the attendees and we discussed some possible applications.

I think running a webinar like this is a really easy and effective way to initiate developers to a competition. We had 22 webinar attendees, many of whom participated by asking questions, suggesting data sets and talking about their submission ideas. Dealing with these people on a purely one-to-one basis would have been much more time consuming.

The recorded webinar can now be found online and the transcript of the discussion is also available. The slides are also available from Slideshare.