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This week marked my first working for the Open Knowledge Foundation #okfn (a previous post explains my current job situation). I’m only doing 2 days a week for now but will build it up as time moves on.

OKF (or OKFN, where the N stands for Network) is a global network with staff all around the world and much of their work is also done through volunteers. There isn’t any official central office, though there are clusters of staff in London and Berlin. Anyway all of this makes for an impressive virtual organisation that uses a huge number of remote working technologies.

In my first few days I’ve been introduced to:

They also use a number of tools that I am already familiar with:

I’m sure there is lots more too…

So my plan is to work through the list and write a couple of blog posts on the most useful tools. Watch this space!


2 thoughts on “Tooling Up

  1. Good new selection of toys to look at there! I have played with quite a few of them, including Webex (GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting) at Plymouth, but I hadn’t come across Toggl and Trello.

    Time-reporting is always a complete nightmare for us remote workers and I have used all sorts of software in the past to try and keep on top of how much time I have spent on each project. Some of these were complex and full PIM replacements and just too much for the simple task of time reporting. Others were simple, but without basic functionalities like full reports with time per project. For one reason or another, they were all a little frustrating, so I am really interested to hear how you get on with Toggl. It looks like a brilliant bit of software and I look forwards to trying it out.

    Trello looks good too, but looks like something that would work best in conjunction with others, so it is unlikely I will be trying it in near future, but again I really look forwards to hearing how you get on with it.

    It looks like you are getting to grips with lots of cloud based software at the OKF…which makes me wonder whether you had tried using ‘jolios’. Works really well on an old laptop and is a nice way to integrate a collection of cloud-programs.

    Good luck with the OKF work and keep the reports coming.


  2. Thanks Ed. I’ve used GoToWebinar and GoToMeeting before but Webex seemed a little different – maybe slightly simpler. Here’s a comparison. I’ll write a more detailed review some time soon.

    I’ve already started using Toggl and it works great, the biggest problem is the user (me!). I keep forgetting to turn it on and off, luckily you can go in and edit it later!

    OKFN are an organically growing organisation and seem to be expanding staff wise. This has resulted in a review of quite a lot of the tools they use. Naturally most of the tools are cloud based and they seem to be really up for trying new stuff out – so will take a look at Jolio. Any other suggestions are very welcome!

    My biggest worry at the moment is my broadband – it’s can be quite temperamental, and changes with the weather (literally!). Quite a few of these new tools will work when you’re offline…but not all. I’ll have to see how things go!

    Anyway thanks again for the comments! Always good to hear from a remote working expert! 😉

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