The Work From Home Disadvantage have created a new infographic on
The Work From Home Disadvantage. It takes a global look at the challenges of remote working: distractions, noise, equipment problems, bad internet connection, bad posture and so on.

The Work From Home Disadvantage

Some of the issues rang true for me. Since our move almost 2 years ago we have suffered from ‘temperamental broadband’ – it’s a little like a teenager and has its good days and bad days! I also have a couple of very demanding cats (open the door, close the door, and repeat) and I’m not convinced that my desk set up is that great, so do get a lot of back pain. But I still believe the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages!


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    I just love this wonderful depiction of realities associated with working from home that has been displayed by Marieke Guy. I’ve heard a lot about these same distractions and concur that such problems are very real. Regardless of distractions at home vs. at a centralized office however, what puts working at home over working at an office for me is greater freedom to exercise control over distractions at home whereas making environmental changes at an office necessitates an approval process (involving a greater number of other people’s needs and wants), the result of which might not go your way.
    I’d also love for this graphical representation of workplace distractions to include distractions experienced by regular office workers for a visual, side-by-side comparison. I’d start that list off with frequently experienced distractions and time-wasters (cutting into time spent being productive for employee and employer alike I might add) that begin due to the requirement to commute: (1) finding misplaced car keys, (2) getting out of car and running back to make sure front door is locked, (3) circling back around to make sure garage is closed, (4) circling back around to pick up a forgotten item you’re supposed to bring to work… I better stop here or it’ll be a long time before I get on with the rest of my life, haha! Plus, I’m sure the large numbers of office workers out there can mentally fill in the rest. 😛

  2. I used to think that I had to be in an office to get work done but since I have moved to a home office my productivity has sky rocketed. I can focus on my tasks without interruption and can get more accomplished in a shorter amount of time. That being said I think it depends on your personality as well because some people need to be accountable and work in an office environment.

  3. I agree that work from home has got advantages and disadvantages. I think it depends of personality and motives which drive you. I personally love working from home and I know so many people who wouldn’t change working from home for anything.

  4. I work from home as well (for about a year now) and have tried adopting different strategies to be more productive. It is frustrating when colleagues of mine express how jealous they are I can stay home. The best way I can summarize how I feel from working at home is, “I’ve turned my sanctuary into my job and it is too easy for me to get up and work continuously in the next room since it’s so close…”

    This is a fantastic graphic, great work! Recently I have been working on these graphics as well. Since I also work from home, I would like to chat with you about collaborating on another article/infographic. Feel free to contact me at
    And again, fantastic job!

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