How do you do your Webexpenses?

I’ve been so busy travelling here and there that I forgot to mention my guest post published on the Webexpenses blog.

My guest blog post on the Webexpenses site

My guest blog post on the Webexpenses site

Webexpenses provide a software solution (and new mobile app) that let you do expenses in the cloud. The features include:

  • Credit Card Integration – Seamlessly integrate credit card data
  • SMS – Record expenses in an instant via mobile phone
  • Mobile App – Record and capture your expenses where ever you are
  • Multi-entity Configuration – Configured to you company’s structure – no matter how complex
  • Digital Receipt Attachment – Allow images, documents and emails to be attached to your claims
  • Mileage Verification – Clampdown on inaccurate claims with precision mileage calculations
  • Carbon Tracking – Calculate your carbon footprint for air, car and rail travel
  • Reinforce Policy – Inform users of your expenses policy at point of entry
  • Petty Cash Management – Cut costs and control cash floats with flexible management solution
  • Duty Of Care – Verify and record your employee’s responsibility to be safe and legal when driving.

Their main objective is “to make expenses something you effortlessly control; not a costly drudge you battle against“. The Web expenses site offers lots of case studies including one by the Museum of London that give ideas on how their service can be used.

We use Agresso at the University of Bath. I have to say I don’t find it that intuitive and on the whole I’m not that keen on it, but then the results of not using it are even more painful!!