Remote Working on Pinterest

I keep meaning to mention my Pinterest board on remote working. I’m just starting to put any related images in there. At the moment there are quite a few info graphics, comics and general images. I hope to build the collection up. Judy Heminsley has a great board on Work from Home offices – I’m just a little jealous!

For those unfamiliar with Pinterest users create online scrapbooks to share images of projects, ideas etc. The site has grown in popularity over the past six months. A good example of Pinterest in use is the ArchivesInfo board.

I see Pinterest as a great potential outreach tool. I put some text on each of my archives pins to explain what each image is about. I envision adding pins of archives boxes to explain how we organize and preserve. I envision adding pins of cool things from collections that show we sometimes find in the stacks.

The biggest issues with Pinterest are around copyright. Pinterest relies on users not to break copyright and relies on those with images to notice and alert them to issues. Pinterest makes use of images by republishing them. They take a work, in its entirety and republish without seeking permission.

Personally I think it’s a great site and copyright and digital images has much bigger problems than Pinterest. The whole thing needs rethinking!

If you see any good images do let me know!


One thought on “Remote Working on Pinterest

  1. I love Pinterest and can see great potential in its use. I know there has been a lot of discussion about its use in academia ( It’s a very visual tool and I have read that it appeals much more to women than men ( – apparently men are more in to Google+). Hopefully we will explore new ways to use Pinterest in the future.

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