Staying Sane on the Run

Jordan Mendys is a media professional, which keeps him on the road often. When not on the road, he calls North Carolina home, where he and
his wife live.

He finds that sometimes too much travel and out-of-office working can drive him crazy. Here are his tips for staying sane!


Often I find myself working outside of my office for my job. This includes working from home every now and again, as well as being on the road. When working in conditions like this, it is sometimes hard to stay grounded and sane. The long work hours, the constant moving from one place to another, and all the other stresses that come with working from the road start to add up. It is important when this happens to have a way to cope with this stress, and try to find some processes to take that make you feel as if you’re in a working environment. At the same
time, it is important that you keep outlets for stress relief, especially when away from home, while on the road. Below are tips and resources to help with this stress.

Jordan Working from Home

Maintaining a Work Environment

When it comes to working on the road or from home, you have to not let yourself slip into a feeling that you’re not “at work” because of your
physical location. One thing that helps me is to keep office supplies on me that I typically use when I am at the office. Legal pads for notes,
extra computer monitor, etc. Whatever makes me feel like I am at the office. This post gives some tips on creating a professional environment at home.

This will make you feel more accountable than it would if you felt at home or away because some employees tend to not work as hard.

It is also a must to limit distractions. One thing people feel is a perk about working remotely is that they can have more time to themselves during the day. This is nice, but not when it starts to cut into your productivity and output. For the most part, you should allow yourself to work in a quiet, professional atmosphere in which you feel that you can work well. This includes limiting constant noise and visual distractions that will plague you during the day. On the other hand, if you typically work with a headset on for music, then you won’t have to cut this out. Whatever makes you feel comfortable as if you were in the office.

Allow for Some Breaks

While this might seem a little contradictory from the previous tip, it is very important to allow for breaks. While some individuals find it hard to stay on task out of the office, others are overly focused, which can end with them burning out after a day’s work. While you don’t want to be completely distracted from your work, you do need to let yourself rest some. For me, it is important to allow some television programs to keep me going.

I like to save up for one big break during the day where I can then flip something on for half an hour or so (not too long to completely derail me), and that allows for me to get back to my work load refreshed. For others, it might be reading a book that helps, a midday run, or anything that can give them a break. This is important for mental stability, and can help you on those long days.

Use Technology to Your Advantage

Mobile technology plays a huge role in working from the road. Not only do you allow yourself to be in constant communication with your place of work, but you have access to tools that help you plan and organize your day. Mobile calendars can be a lifesaver when you’re on the road, navigating through your day. I personally use this Android based calendar app Business Calendar, to keep my days and weeks in order. I’m not always sure when I’ll have access to my office calendar, but I can put everything that I need on this to take care of my workload. Staying organized when working remotely might be the number one key to be successful. Even when working from home, I utilize these tools to keep me on task. Everyone is different, however, so you should look into how you can benefit from your mobile technology, even if it means making a simple call to check in with your family, which can do wonders for your mindset when you’re on the road.

So these tips will help you stay organized and survive remote working locations and environments. It can be hard to stay grounded when you are constantly on the move, but with some careful planning, you’ll handle it just fine. Just remember to create a work friendly environment while still being able to take a break when it’s needed. Also, use all of the resources you have available to you to keep yourself organized and sane on the road. If you follow all of this, you will certainly weather the storm well.