Head in the Clouds: Win a Free E-book!

Starting to work from home can be a very daunting prospect. One of the biggest challenges is knowing what technologies and hardware you will need.

A new Kindle eBook entitled Head In The Clouds: The Location Independent Office – How to take your business or job online and work remotely from wherever you please! [Kindle Edition] explores how you get started. Written by Phil Byrne who runs the www.liveworkabroad.com web site, the book focuses on the software and applications you will need to work wherever you are. It is based on the author’s experience of working remotely in 6 different countries since leaving his home in the UK 3 years ago. The topics covered include:

  • First steps
  • Broadband and VPN
  • Storing and sharing
  • Skype
  • Online meetings
  • Digital signatures
  • Collaboration
  • Online payments
  • Wifi
  • Networking
  • Good housekeeping
  • The road ahead…and more

We have some free copies of the book to give away to readers.

If you’d like to win one then you will need to write a sentence summing up what remote working means to you. The best two will win a copy of the book for their Kindle (or a PDF if you don’t have a Kindle).

Get posting, we’ll judge entries at the end of the month!


9 thoughts on “Head in the Clouds: Win a Free E-book!

  1. Many thanks for posting about me eBook on your site, very much appreciated! If any of your readers have any questions about remote working, or the eBook, I’d be happy to chip in with anything I can derive from my own experiences on this thread. Let me start by asking, is anyone here remote working full time already? If so, where from?

  2. Remote working has allowed me to work from a flexible location, move according to family needs and reduce my working hours since I don’t need to commute – which has other benefits besides time-savings, such as only needing to run one car.

  3. Remote working as a Freelance developer for companies around the UK and the world has meant being able to attend University without having to worry about building up massive amounts of loans to cover and already challenging life or having to work late nights at bars and clubs.

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