Making the Office feel like Home

Josh Doyle currently works 3 days a week part time at a website company in the not so sunny seaside town of Weston Super Mare, he usually spends the rest of his week doing freelance work for a furniture company called Fit & Furnish.

He admits to having a ‘messy office’ but feels it’s really important to feel at ease in your working environment…even if that means not dusting too often! He’s written a guest blog post for about how he has made his office feel like home….rather than his home feel like an office.

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For 3 days a week I spend most of my time helping people resolve email issues and other generic problems using remote software. To put it in its fancypants term I’m an IT support officer or “techie” to everyone in house and troubleshooting is my game. I’m not exactly a remote worker as such, as I do have to go into an office from Monday to Wednesday, But I’m constantly working on computers hundreds of miles away through the wonderful series of tubes that combine to form the internet.

With that in mind I’m sure a lot of you remote workers have a nice comfy home office with everything you need at your fingertips. I’ve tried to re-create this feeling at my office, Sure, I get some strange looks from my co-workers but I feel that it’s most definitely worth it. I find there is nothing more comforting than having a nice thick carpet under your feet as you tap away at the computer, that’s why I’ve brought my own homemade carpet mat into the office for my chair to rest on. It might be a bit more difficult to roll the chair around now, but it does feel a lot nicer under my feet than the strange astroturfy office floor!

My terribly messy desk. I do clean.. sometimes… honest!

The standard cheap keyboard and mouse combo you’ll find at our office is another nightmare; one of my pet peeves is not being able to glide my cursor around the screen with ease. I was forced to bring in my beautiful black Ergonomic keyboard and mouse, well, at least they save my wrists from falling off. A nice soft table/mouse mat to go with these really takes the strain away from your hand. I seem to have been developing a ball on lower right surface of my palm my wrist meets the table, so I decided that a mat would probably be the best way to curve this issue.

People say an office chair is possibly the most important part of your office, I didn’t go as far as buying a new one as I’ve found the comfier ones are ridiculously expensive, I did however bring in a nice cushion that makes it much more comfortable to sit with the correct posture. You have to make to with what you can when you’re sitting down for hours at a time.

My terribly dusty chair

Even very small bits and pieces can make a big difference, A nice picture of your partner and even a few nice little plants to go on the desk and drown out that office smell really can help as well.

One thing I doubt I can live without is my mug, having countless cups of coffee a day would just not be the same in a generic office mug. On the Monday I bring my favorite home mug with me and then take it back with me on the Wednesday, perfect!

It only takes a few things to make my office feel more homely, and not at a great expense!

I found my productivity did benefit from the changes, even if my area of the office looks a bit mental!!

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