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Last week I tuned in to JISC/HEA Video in Teaching and Learning Webinar series for an Adobe Connect session on Flipping the lecture. I’ve mentioned the flipping lecture idea before and was keen to hear more. The webinar was presented by Carl Gombrich, a lecturer at UCL. Carl, a self proclaimed ‘late started’ when it comes to technology talked about the Echo 360 lecturecast ‘Five Steps to Successful Flipping’ he gave at the HEA assessment event in UCL. The lecture cast and notes is available from his blog.

Carl Gombrich webinar

Carl basically used a Web cam and Echo 360 http://echo360.com/, a Leader in blended learning and lecture Capture Solution, to present a lecture. Carl also invested in a Wacom Bamboo graphics tablet which allows the lecturer to draw on ppts, write mathematics formula etc.

Carl approach is to record the lecture in advance then ask students to view the lecture before the time table slot. Getting them to do this can be problematic but he encourages them to watch it by asking them to write 3 questions relating to the lecture. They also need to jot down when in the lecture (the timeslot) the questions arise. Doing this not only ensures students watch but reflection on the questions is a learning process. As Carl explains “one of the most important things in learning is asking the right questions”. The questions are then uploaded to a community space (wiki, VLE etc.) and then there is a poll allowing students to select their top 10 questions. These questions are addressed in the face-to-face timetabled lecture slot.

Working in this way not only allows more reflection and engagement but it also helps teaching get back to more personal relationships.

Carl then shared some thoughts on the good things about working in this way: students get their questions answered, there is better engagement, submitting questions is part of the formative assessment, time is freed up. And the bad things: there is always a worry that the kit won’t work, some lecturers are self conscious, it takes extra time (but don’t we owe it to them – they pay for teaching – later on you can reuse sessions).

It was really refreshing to hear someone who “just doesn’t care about the technology” but cares about the reaching talk about how the flipping lecture idea could work in reality. Over 60 people attended and the moderator declared it the highest attended JISC/HEA Video in Teaching and Learning webinar to date.

There were a few technologies mentioned in the chat of the session that I intend to follow up including Presentations2go, which lets students write comments on the timeline directly, then discuss them.

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