Sitting Comfortably at your Computer Workstation?

I was pleased to find an email in my inbox from the University Safety & Health Adviser suggesting ways that we can make sure we are sitting comfortably at our desks. Health and Safety issues had come up at the recent home working talk I gave and I’d had to admit I wasn’t great in this area and that really we were meant to self-assess.

The University have released a poster showing us how to sit and have also passed on some useful links with further information.

  • The HSE ‘office safety’ page has free information on computer
    workstation information and other office health and safety issues. Visit

  • The HSE ‘Muscular Skeletal Disorders (MSD)’ has free information on MSD,
    including a section devoted to computer use. It also has some useful
    manual handling information – another aspect of MSD. Visit

  • The HSE ‘ergonomics’ page provides further insight into good workplace
    layout. Computer workstations are only addressed in passing as part of a
    larger issue. Visit

Maybe it’s time you checked whether you are sitting comfortably and correctly. Bad backs are no fun at all!


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  1. In every aspect regarding online whether it be for smart browsing, education, or job discipline is very important.. thumbs up to those people who successfully worked at home and to those who are earning their degree online. Proper body mechanics its very important!

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