Anywhere Working Week

This week is ‘Anywhere Working Week‘.

It’s a flexible working initiative led by a consortium of partners, including Microsoft, Nokia, Regus, TFL, Nuffield Health and supported by DfT, TUC, Mumsnet and WWF. The idea is that you work anywhere (home, local coffee shop, remote worker hub) and in doing so save time and money. The week is being wel;l supported and one company involved in the initiative is actually opening up their office for a day and have invited me to work there – they have desk space, free WiFi and coffee and pastries on demand! Obviously as I live in the South West and their office is in London it’s not ideal for me, but I appreciate the gesture! 😉

If you work somewhere different you can track the impact this has on your time and money, as well as the effect you have on the environment using their Anywhere Working Savings Calculator.

The Anywhere Working is full of useful resources including case studies and tips and tricks to help you work better. They also have daily news and have a Facebook site and Twitter account.

One last thing…for those who’d like to get their hands on the ‘Ultimate Anywhere Working Kit’ (which includes an ASUS Zenbook, Nokia Lumia 800, Arc Touch Mouse and Vodafone’s latest 3G Mobile Broadband dongle) Anywhere Working are running a competition. To enter you simply write a blog post titled ‘My Anywhere Working Tips’ and send them the link. I might just have a go!