MOOC – The Online Trend for Career Pursuers

It’s now February and I continue to dawdle along on my Introduction to Openness in Education course (I’m currently learning about open source). While I assemble my thoughts for my next blog post here is Melissa Spears to tell you more about MOOCs.

Melissa Spears is a website content developer who loves to write articles and blogs on different subjects. Education is her favorite subject on which she loves to write blogs, articles and even guests posts. She prefers to research thoroughly before writing with the intention of letting let people know about new opportunities in education.

In her guest blog post Melissa Spears provides us with a further introduction (after my very brief mention a few posts back) to Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. She tells us how students planning for distance learning can get real benefits from such courses.


In today’s world, who wants to cling on to the traditional modes of education? Who wants to bear long stretching lectures and stare at blackboards for hours? The present world has been technologically enriched and now you are not required to head to classes and obey strict orders of instructors out of compulsion. With the passage of time, the learning trends are updating, and this is alluring plenty of career enthusiasts to pursue courses with interest and excitement.

Currently, the arena of open education has brought some trendy courses for career framers collectively known as Massive Open online Courses or MOOC. These career programs are absolutely unconventional and effective since they have been established on the theory of ‘connectivism’ as well as the theory of pedagogy in relation to network learning. What’s best about MOOC is that the majority of these career oriented programs are offered free. However, if you are looking for accreditation, some MOOCs will charge you. No specific requirements go for enrolling in such programs but certain timelines are provided for discussions on weekly topics.

MOOC – The Learning Process

MOOC or Massive Open Online Course is one where the course materials are all distributed across the web to students applying from various corners of the world. Now, this can be possible only if the course is open. Rather, the impact would be stronger if it’s a bigger course. MOOC is not an online gathering but a brilliant way of creating connections between qualified instructors and learners for discussing a common topic related to career enhancement. In other words, MOOC is an advanced form of online education that completely stands in contrast to formats based on posted resources as well as the learning management systems.

Popularity of MOOC

MOOCs have been alluring career aficionados in thousands in the past few years. In 2008 that the open educational program registered over 2000 candidates, 150 of which continued to interact throughout the programme.

Interactive and autonomous discourse is one of the biggest advantages of MOOCs that let students establish communications among participants.

Benefits of Pursuing MOOC

  • It’s an easy going course that can be pursued with sheer flexibility. Applicants can make the course their own and share views with others.
  • The curriculum has been designed in such a manner so that the participants can share and discuss the course lessons with each other.
  • Taking help of social media, students can post discussions on diverse ideas, share resources and help each other sort queries related to MOOC programs.
  • Applicants will be able to develop their knowledge regarding internet applications and learn in a better way.
  • A wide array of assignments will be provided so that students can enjoy the freedom to choose any project of their choice.
  • Participants would not necessarily have been allowed to enroll at the institution offering the MOOC but can still benefit from its teaching.
  • There are no language barrier issues since distance learning students are able to access the website translation facilities.

So, if you are looking to opt for distance learning, MOOCs will take you through a new and unusual path to prosperity.