Weather the Weather

So what completely screws up your day if you are a home worker? Coughing cat? Lack of decent heating? Constant knocks at the door from door-to-door sales people? Bad broadband?

Well “all of the above” if you are me, but the latter can make working near on impossible.

Since I moved house (to an area slightly outside of the main town) my broadband hasn’t been great but turning the router on and off usually kick starts things. However this week hasn’t been lousy and the down time is becoming a bit of an issue.

I’m blaming the weather! It’s causing chaos!

It’s true that the weather can have an effect on speeds. The Sky Web site states that “Exceptionally hot or cold weather can affect the speed of your broadband. On particularly hot or cold days you may notice an effect on your broadband speeds.” Freezing temperatures can result cable lines freezing over over so badly as that they cannot operate as expected. Blown over telegraph poles can also be problematic. Snow can be a problem too and can cause slower or dropping connections due to moisture creeping into the wiring joints. As it’s harder to get about in extreme weather it can also increase the time it takes engineers to fix problems.

The other issue is that when the weather is bad more people work from home (or stay off work) which means that there is an increase on usual internet traffic. It’s all those people snuggled up on the sofa watching BBC iplayer!

Of course things could be worse and you could lose heating or power. Now that really would be a problem!!

Sky give some advice on dealing with slow broadband speeds.

The first step is closing and restarting your browser, then you can try switching your router on and off and your entire machine on and off. Other approaches you can take include unplugging all connections, making sure all devices (such as laptops, games consoles) are logged off the wireless, checking your hardware set up and changing your router settings.

As a last resort you could contact your service provider and/or phone company. Good luck with that!

According to the BBC Weather site the gales are slowly easing so fingers crossed things will be back to normal soon.