2012 – The Year to Work from Home?

Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year. I certainly did!

So will 2012 be any different to 2011 when it comes to remote working? Well there is one big event that could have significant impact on the way people work….the 2012 Olympics.

Although the government have been working for some time on a transport strategy for the olympic games and the paralympics, which will take place in from July to September this year, gridlock is still predicted in the capital.

A report by the London Assembly’s transport committee published last year stated that travel problems were one of the biggest risks to London 2012, with extra traffic piling “extreme demand on a network already creaking at the seams“. Londoners currently spend an average of up to two hours per day on public transport and Transport for London estimates there will be an extra three million journeys a day on public transport during the games. Those working in the capital could find the summer months pose a real challenge to ‘just getting in to work’.

It has been recommended that businesses provide facilities for staff to work from home or use conference call facilities. However according to new research last week from global print solutions provider, Lexmark, almost two thirds of small and medium businesses across the UK do not currently have a flexible or remote working policy in place.

The survey revealed that just one in five of respondents’ organisations have plans to introduce a policy before the start of the London Olympics next year, despite the significant demand from workers for increased flexibility during the 17-day event.

So will 2012 really become the year of remote working? If businesses have any sense it will be…