Sometimes You Just Need to Get Out of the House

At times home can be quite a depressing place to work, but where else is there to go?

OK, so there’s that coffee shop round the corner, oh and that fast food restaurant down the road. What about that free wifi zone? We’ve talked about wifi hotspots before, but recently things just got a whole lot more 21st century…

I recently came across WorkSnug, a tool that connects mobile workers to the nearest places to work in the major cities of the world. They use their Web site to collect data and reviews and then share it through their free Augmented Reality iPhone app WorkSnug Pro. [OK so while I’m on the subject of Augmented Reality I just realised that I’d failed to mention the excellent report entitled Augmented Reality for Smartphones written by Ben Butchart of EDINA for the JISC Observatory back in May this year.]

WorkSnug also write a really useful blog with lots of remote working advice (like the ‘take care’ tips ‘5 reasons why you should use a headset’). They also have some great videos available from their WorkSnug YouTube channel.

I’m going to try out the WorkSnug app over the next few weeks and will post any thoughts.