Offline Time and Olympic Mayhem

Aaaah, the joys of summer.

I’ve just returned to work after almost 3 weeks of holiday and for a good chunk of it I had no mobile phone use or Internet connection. We were camping in France so lack of electricity and data roaming costs put an end to my online world. I have to say it’s been bliss! I didn’t even know about the England riots till a week after they happened (not something you feel sorry about missing!).

My children at l'éléphant de Nantes Machine de l'ile (Nantes, France)

One news story on remote working that I’ve spotted since my return was Transport minister Norman Baker’s proposal that people work remotely during the 2012 Olympics. He suggested that people and businesses look at technological alternatives in order to avoid the traffic chaos that is likely to take place. The full interview is available from the BBC Web site.

It’s time to oil the creaking bike, dig out the walking boots, work out how to use the video conferencing equipment, and fire up the laptop gathering dust at the back of the cupboard.”

A Computer World article states that up to 800,000 spectators and 55,000 athletes, officials, organisers and press will be travelling to and from Olympic venues every day. On the first day of the track and field events, there will be an extra three million trips made on top of the 12 million trips on public transport. Phew! That’s an excellent reason to avoid going anywhere near London!

(Though I will be taking my family there during the olympics as we have spectator seats for handball! It doesn’t get any better than that!)

Enjoy the rest of the summer!

Enjoying a French café