Institutional Web Management Workshop Time

I can’t believe it’s Institutional Web Management Workshop time again, and that I haven’t written anything about it yet!

This year we are at the University of Reading from Tuesday 26th to Wednesday 27th July 2011. We also have a pre-conference DevCSI hackday on Open Data and the Institutional Web – the developers are hacking as I write!

We have done so much for remote audiences at IWMW in the past that sometimes it’s difficult to find new things to do – but we like to try. This year we are taking a slightly different approach and working with a commercial sponsor (Collaborate) and using Adobe Connect to stream the plenary talks. One of the key reasons for us using Connect, rather than another live streaming service, is that we feel it provides a unified space for the end user: it pulls together video of the speaker, a twitter feed for the plenary hashtag, slides for the plenary and a chat facility.

I had a little look at Adobe Connect a few months back and liked what I saw. Adobe Connect is based on Adobe Flash technology but an app is also available that will still let you watch the streaming.

iPhone app for Adobe Connect - swf pods will not work but streaming will

We trialled the system this morning and I really hope everything goes well. To tune in go to the IWMW Video Streaming page in good time for tomorrow’s plenaries.

I am also running a session on amplified events entitled The Economical way to Amplify Your Event. I’ll try and post more on that later.

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  1. Pretty good. Most problems we had were to do with our own inexperience and so there are a lot of things I’d do differently if I had my time again. I plan to jot these down in a post when I get time.


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