Get Tweeting for Universities Week #UniWeek

This week has been Universities Week, a national campaign demonstrating the benefits of universities within UK society.

Having attended three different Universities and worked for a University for over 11 years I am happy to discuss their virtues. I could tell you what an important part they play in keeping our society educated, resourceful and open-minded and how I truly believe that the current economic system means that we now need Universities more than ever. Higher Education has really suffered over the last year; the comprehensive spending review and the Browne report have left HE in a very uncomfortable place. That said I do believe universities will dig themselves out of this hole, with or without the support of our government.

Today is ‘Inside Big Ideas’ day and Universities are being encouraged to throw open the doors and bust some of the myths about campus life in a 21st-century university. In an effort to be open we are being encouraged to tweet (as part of a 24 hour Twitter marathon) about the work we do within our university using the tag #UniWeek. The University of Bath (@uniofbath) will be joining in as well as many staff and departments.

I will be tweeting about some of the projects I work on and shall be following the #UniWeek tag.

Just to give this post a little context…

Remote Working is becoming increasingly popular with university staff (primarily due to space restrictions and environmental quotas) and I feel that it has an important place in the future university landscape along with e-learning and online events. Working within a university has allowed me to explore remote working and the technologies that support it and for that I am very grateful!


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