Survey on use of Online Communication Tools

Do you ever work from home? Is your team distributed across geographical locations that prohibit you meeting face-to-face on a regular basis? If you answered Yes to any of these questions, can you please spare a few minutes of your time to help a Deborah Fern with her final assignment for the Postgraduate Certificate in Leadership Coaching from the University of Derby.

Her questionnaire looks at the use of online communication tools (MSN Messenger, Google Chat, Skype, web cams and even video conferencing) within business – in both the private and public sector. It also asks for feedback on what impact these tools have on your relationships with others. Is the development of rapport between you and your colleagues or clients affected when there is a layer of technology between you? Does it affect the way you work – especially when many of these tools display to your contacts when you are available online?

The questions are very pertinent to people who work from home. Hopefully Deborah will be able to share some of the results with us.