Measuring your Virtual Team Mood

So how are you feeling today? Is everything going OK or are you panicking or concerned with something you’re working on? How’s the rest of your team feeling? What about if you’re a distributed team, how can you make sure you feel the team vibe?

Philip Gordon is a final year Product Design student about to graduate from The University of Dundee. He has designed a new product called LightSync that helps you understand how your virtual team is feeling and allows a permanent connection between them. It considers the team mood rather an individual’s mood.

The YouTube video embedded below shows how it works.

To quote the site:

LightSync is a product that aims to forge a subtle permanent connection between distributed team members by using colour as an indicator of morale. Each member of a remote team has a LightSync device in their workplace and is periodically prompted to set the colour by rolling the device left or right, this colour is broadcasted to the other team members’ LightSync devices at the push of a button.

When working in a remote team regular communication is essential, but constant phone calls and emails are time consuming and can often be of little benefit. The ambiguous nature of LightSync gives a general connection to the team rather than an individual, this can improve team confidence when all is well or prompt further communication to quickly solve problems when problems arise.

LightSync is a project by designer maker Philip Gordon, each device is cast from polyurethane resin with a cast silicone rubber base and laser cut details, they’re powered by an Arduino Mini microcontroller using an accelerometer to control the output of a high power RGB LED, with a wireless connection provided by a cellular GSM/GPRS cellular module.

More information about the development of LightSync can be found on the designers website

It’s an interesting idea. I tend to work alone or with one other individual so gauging mood is easy but if I was in a more organised virtual team something like this might help. What do people think?