Alternatives to Travel – a Call for Evidence

The Department for Trade have recently released an open consultation on Alternatives to Travel – a Call for Evidence. Those with insights they’d like to share can fill in a questionnaire.

This Call for Evidence is published in order to assist with the development of longer term alternatives to travel strategy. It is a follow up to the Local Transport White Paper Creating Growth, Cutting Carbon which was launched in January this year and set out the Government’s vision for a local sustainable transport system that supports the economy and reduces carbon emissions.

The guidelines paper that accompanies the questionnaire gives a number of definition of alternatives to travel and they include:

  1. Home working and remote working;
  2. Flexible working and staggered hours (in order to reduce travel during peak periods);
  3. Teleconferencing and videoconferencing;
  4. Any other alternatives to travel which can help reduce work-related travel.

If you are interested in submitting evidence then you need to fill in the questionnaire and submit it by 31st May 2011.