Going Green and Saving Money with Collaboration Technologies

Wimba and Elluminate are running a series of Distinguished Lecture Webinars.

The first is on Going Green and Saving Money Across the Globe with Collaboration Technologies on Tuesday 22nd February at 5 pm EST (which is GMT-5 or 10pm). It’s a little bit late but might be worth staying up for.

In light of the need for to use more cost-effective and ‘greener’ technologies, in Spring 2010, officials at Southern Cross University’s School of Commerce and Management decided to conduct its course review process online rather than have participants travel to face-to-face meetings. Southern Cross University examined 26 virtual meetings held in 2010 via Blackboard Collaborate to determine how virtual meetings, compared to face-to-face meetings, would compare in terms of financial and environment impact. The University also examined Blackboard Collaborate’s ability to effectively allow communication for meetings while still maintaining a sufficient degree of quality in regards the outcomes of the meetings.

The results were:

  • Saved $40,750.64 in mileage, meal, and hotel reimbursements
  • Potential to avoid 6.067 tons of emissions
  • 93% of respondents stated they had a ‘very positive’ or ‘somewhat positive’ experience meeting online to discuss course reviews
  • 67% believed the quality of outcomes was the same or better than face-to-face meetings
  • 93% believed the program was effective at achieving the desired outcomes of face-to-face meetings.

The webinar will help you earn some of SCU’s strategies and how you can apply them to your institution You can sign up for the Webinar from the Wimba site.


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  1. The series seems to be archived at http://www.wimba.com/company/events/dls/. No sign of this particular session yet but many of the others are of interest:

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