Quaffing Quora

Quora is a “Q&A site that’s become a beehive for the technorati“. I’d never heard of it till this month but suddenly it’s popping up everywhere. TechCrunch, Fast Company and the ReadWriteWeb have all run features on it.

The site was founded by former Facebook CTO Adam D’Angelo and is quickly becoming an important new communication and knowledge-sharing tool for the people working in technical industries. So does it live up to the expectations and hype?

I’ve now set myself up an account and have started having a scout around. There are some helpful questions/posts to get you started including How do I get started using Quora? and 10 tips to start off the conversation. The idea is people ask questions and other people (hopefully those with some knowledge in this area) answer them. A little like the Twitter #lazyweb idea. Answers can be voted up and down so the top answer is democratically chosen.

One topic area I’ve taken a look at is the Remote Working topic. The area holds questions from the vague (How can you work anywhere?) to the more specific:

  • What are some products or strategies that help remote teams work more collaboratively in terms of communication and documenting knowledge?
  • What are good non-monetary ways to reward remote workers?
  • What are the best tools to manage a remote employee?
  • What is the best videoconferencing solution for a remote startup cofounder?

There already seem to be some remote working experts signed in and answering questions like Avdi Grimm, who wrote a guest blog post for us late last year.

I’ve yet to answer my first question but have started following people and topics. I’m still not too sure how Quora is going to fit into my working practices but I’ll have to suck it and see.

Alternatively I could post a question on the Quora site…