Don’t Lose Your Edge

Well I’ve had a brilliant Christmas break and am psyching myself up for the New Year.

I’ve hardly been near my computer (apart from some attempts to turn my vinyl collection into digital using a USB recording kit!) and it’s been great.

Photo of art by Rob Ryan, taken at Shire Hall Gallery, Stafford

Hopefully the break has done most of us some good leaving us fresher and bursting with enthusiasm and new ideas.

In a blog post from way back (2006) Penelope Trunk offers us some wise words:

If you work the most hours you look the most desperate. You shouldn’t look lazy, but don’t be the hardest worker. After all, why do you need to work so much harder than the next person? Are you not as smart? Not as organized? Not as confident in your ability to navigate a non-work world? In many cases all three are true for those who work the hardest.

Taking a break really matters as the quote from Diane Fassel, CEO of workplace survey firm Newmeasures explains:

Don’t tell yourself that you work nonstop because you love your work: If you really loved your work, you’d take a break so you don’t mess it up. People who work longer than the typical eight hours a day start to lose their effectiveness quickly. “If you work all the time, you lose your edge.

It’s back to that cliché – don’t work harder, work smarter.

Anyway Happy New Year everyone. All the best for 2011.


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