10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Amplify your Event

This morning I will be giving a staff development session entitled 10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Amplify your Event along with my colleague Brian Kelly.

The slides from the session are available from Slideshare and embedded below.

We are hoping it will be a very informal session which will allow us to share our experiences and hear from others about theirs.

The session is framed round the 10 ways we feel you can amplify and the (primarily) free tools that are out there. We also touch on some equipment that is available from our internal pool.

The 10 ways are:

  1. Video it
  2. Stream it
  3. Podcast it
  4. Snap it
  5. Slide it
  6. Tweet it
  7. Blog it
  8. Webinar it
  9. Collate it
  10. Promote, Share and Archive It

All the urls are available from my Delicious page using the tag ukoln-ascd-10.