Video Spinning

We’re all film makers these days. Most phones and cameras have some video recording device on them and snapping a snippet of film is, quite frankly, kids stuff.

I’ve discussed video in the past (Why video?) and have filmed using a Flip camera or other device at quite a lot of events. However I tend to just upload these videos to Vimeo or YouTube and be done with it. One thing I haven’t done is edited them in any way.

Last week I attended the MashSpa day in Bath. The event is the latest in the Mashed Library series and is very much about “bringing together interested people and doing interesting stuff with libraries and technology“. This particular event was organised by a colleague at UKOLN and wanting to appear helpful I offered to film people talking about their experiences of the day.

I finished the day with a 10 short videos that were a little rough around the edges and could do with some tidying up. Some smart captioning and a good looking title page would make all the difference.

Not knowing what tool to use I asked the Twitterverse who suggested Pinnacle VideoSpin VideoSpin is a free video editing software download based on Pinnacle Studio and I have to say it was pretty intuitive and did a great job. Adding title screens, subtitles and transitions is very straight forward and so is pruning footage, adding in sound effects and photos.

The VideoSpin Interface

The end result is available on Vimeo.

I have done anything too fancy and time constraints meant I only added the question subtitles to the first video, which is embedded below. I’m sure with a little more time and a few more requirements I could create a fairly professional looking video.

As a remote worker my broadband upload speeds are not great and I made the mistake of saving the first video as an AVI file (I wanted it to be good quality). This then took the most part of a whole day to upload to Vimeo, which really slowed me down! Although the other videos aren’t such great quality I saved them as MP4s and they were quicker to upload.

A few comments. One thing I’ve now realised is that you don’t want a transition at the start of a video as you end up with a blank screen on vimeo (see my DCC video examples). Also it can be a little tricky getting timings right, I think in the video I’ve embedded above the questions come in a little late. I guess practice makes prefect!

So thumbs up for VideoSpin and hopefully I’ll get to use it again in the future.