More Event Amplification Tools: authorSTREAM and Bambuser

A confession: I didn’t have an authorSTREAM account until last week. It was on my to do list but I just hadn’t got round to it! I just can’t believe I got away with it for so long.

authorSTREAM is a lot like Slideshare. It allows you to share your PowerPoints on the Web and then embed them in blogs, on YouTube and so on by converting your slides to Flash format and giving them a unique url.

So how does it differ from Slideshare?

Well firstly it supports sounds, gif animations, and narrations within a PowerPoint presentation. Slideshare loses much of this. Although Slideshare has a screencast feature (allowing users to synchronize audio online after uploading) authorSTREAM probably handles narration and audiostream better. Users can also create audio presentations using live audio or pre-recorded audio as input in authorPOINT and upload to authorSTREAM. authorSTREAM also offers a number of offline desktop applications and is for more configurable for presenters having a private presentations feature – though Slideshare now do something similar.

Steve Boneham's presentation in authorSTREAM

authorSTREAM also allows presenters to live stream their slides and move them in real-time (as long as someone else in the room moves them at the presenter end!). There is also a chat facility that goes along side the stream.

At last week’s Workshop on social media for JISC service staff Brian Kelly and Steve Boneham used authorSTREAM to stream their slides and complimented it with Bambuser, which allows you to broadcast video from your phone. You do this by installing the Bambuser application on your phone, setting up a Bambuser accound and connecting. Again it also has a chat facility.

Brian Kelly's presentation in Bambuser

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Brian Kelly's presentation in authorSTREAM


2 thoughts on “More Event Amplification Tools: authorSTREAM and Bambuser

  1. Thanks for the comments about the event -= and I’m pleased that you captured some screen images.

    I should add, however, that although Bambuser does work on a mobile phone, and I had intended to use it from my phone, due to not being able to use a tripod I didn’t use my phone in the end. Instead I installed Bambuser on my Netbook and used that instead.

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