Scheduling your Meeting the Online Way

So I got the ‘much sought after’ job of organising when everyone (from different organisations, based in different places and with different work schedules) could make a meeting we needed to have. Although everyone emailed me pretty promptly it stilll got a little messy and I realised I should have used an online scheduling service.

There are plenty around and the main features can vary. Some will let you email invitees, others cater for time zones, some will let you import contact lists and embed the widget in your Web site. A good comparitive guide is available from Master New Media.

A little searching has come up with the following:

  • Doodle – One of the most popular scheduling services. You can pay for a Premium Doodle account which looses the ads and allows you to personalise more.
  • Meetomatic – Very simple to use but lacks the features many other services have.
  • Need to Meet – Users indicate their availability times on a calendar to help suggest dates.
  • Agree a Date – You can invite people to choose an available slot online, you can limit each slot to one or more people to suit your needs.
  • Jiffle – Integrates with Google calendar.
  • Presdo – Especially geared towards events. Allows attendees and exhibitors to schedule one-on-one meetings based on matching interests.
  • Scheduly – For use with public rather than internally.
  • Timebridge – Uses email co-ordination
  • Time to Meet – A lot of features include email contact list importing and time zone use.
  • When2Meet – Very easy to use, lacks features.
  • When is Good – Will let you use different time zones.
  • Which Date Works – Creates email invitations
  • SME Scheduler – iPhone app.

There is an excellent Slideshare presentation from the University of Michigan Taubman Health Sciences Libraries that talks about many of these in more detail.


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