Schools and Cultural Sector Videoconference Awards

Janet (the UK’s Education and Research Network) has just launched the Schools and Cultural Sector Videoconference Awards. These are a new initiative to:

  • Celebrate diverse and embedded uses of videoconferencing in the school environment.
  • Highlight the impact videoconferencing brings to teaching and learning.
  • Raise awareness of the additional benefits that videoconferencing can bring to educational settings.

There are three categories including one for Cultural Sector/Content Providers sponsored by LifeSize.

Entrants will need to provide details on how long video conferencing been used, the main activities are exemplars for the use of VC, what the changes are that video conferencing has bought about to your organisation and audience and if there are any significant barriers that had to be overcome to achieve the successful use of video conferencing. There is also an opportunity to provide information on your future plans video conferencing.

The award winners will have their efforts in video conferencing highlighted in a presentation at the Schools Video Conferencing Event at the Royal Society on 22nd November 2010.

Do you know someone who deserves some recognition for their efforts in using video conferencing? If so then please encourage them to enter.