Remote Worker Returns

So I’m back safe from my trip to Vienna for iPres 2010. I’d say safe and well but I seem to have had a cold since my return and have now lost my voice too! Travel – good for your mind, bad for your health?

For those interested in digital preservation I’ve written a trip report on how the conference went: Moving out of the e-Fridge: iPres 2010.

For those not so interested in digital preservation but more interested in remote working I promised an update on how I got on (in response to The Remote Worker Abroad).

I have to say I’m not quite sure what I was so worried about. The flights were fine and I even managed to get myself a free upgrade on the way out there – I was travelling on BMI so nothing to write home about but still good to see what it’s like on the other side of the curtain nonetheless. I kept all my electrical equipment with me and apart from a bit of a palaver having to get everything out at the security desk this wasn’t a problem. iPres gave us huge conference bags so I was a bit worried they were going to stop me taking two pieces of hand luggage through on the way back but it was fine.

Both the conference and my hotel room had excellent wifi facilities with user-friendly security. I used both my laptop and iPod touch throughout the conference depending on which had any battery life. The conference only had extension leads in the main lecture theatre so when I attended sessions in the other lecture theatre I just had to use up battery power. The only thing I wish I’d had is another plug adapter as every night I had to make a decision on what needed charging the most!

Ringing a landline on Skype using an iPod touch

I managed to phone my home landline using Skype on the first night (you get one free Skype to landline call with your account) and after that I just rang my home computer. I rang my home once using my mobile, there were no problems connecting – I had rung them in advance of my trip to check it would be OK, and have been charged just over a £1 for this. If I did do a lot of travelling abroad I would look into a mobile roaming/international data package. From talking to people these vary wildly in price depending on which phone network you use and which country you are based in.

Apps wise I installed a Guide to Vienna app and also used Google Maps, National Rail Enquiries, TweetDeck and Facebook to keep myself sorted. The other apps I’ve got were just to distract me from the actual flying!

All in all a very successful trip! Enjoy the photos of Vienna!