Introducing the Event Amplifier

Event Amplification seems to have taken on a life of its own lately. Back in 2007 Lorcan Dempsey coined the phrase and since then many organisations have begun to see the benefits of allowing their conferences to be amplified “through a variety of network tools and collateral communications“. They not only allow those external to the event to participate but they also allow those who are actually there to get more out of the event – see Brian Kelly’s post on Escaping the Constraints of Space and Time.

The Event Amplifier

At the Institutional Web Management Workshop that I chair we’ve been lucky enough to have someone on board who really sees the potential of amplified events and has the insight to see how it can be achieved. Kirsty Pitkin (previously McGill) has helped us out for the last 2 years and done a fantastic job (have a look at her remote BarCamp for a taster). She’s previously written for this blog about Remote Audiences (she gave a talk on this at the Transliterary conference – transliterary is an area she is particularly interested in).

Recently Kirsty has focused more on event amplification, in any shape or form, and she has now set up a new blog called The Event Amplifier. In her most recent post she asks What is an Event Amplifier anyway? and answers with a prezi presentation. The presentation is embedded below but people might prefer to read the larger original.

An event amplifier imagines creative ways to make your event available and interactive for a wider audience outside the conference room

Kirsty’s blog looks likely to have much more to stay on the topic, I shall watch with interest. Good luck to Kirsty in her new role as ‘the Event Amplifier’! I’ve already told her that she sounds just like a new super hero! 😉


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