Screen Sharing with Skype

There’s many an occasion when it would be useful to share your screen with a colleague. Remote access is one option but tends to be the play thing of systems support teams and not something we can use peer-to-peer. The other week my boss (Mr Brian Kelly) pointed out that you can share screens using Skype. This functionality has been available since Skype 2.8 for Mac and Skype 4.1 for Windows (the latest version is 4.2). If one person is on a lower version of Skype, they can view the other person’s screen but can’t share their own.

It’s really easy to do (Skype actually have an easy to follow page about the specifics). You just start a call and then go to Call (along the top menu bar) > Share Your Screen. The two options given are Share Full Screen or Share Selection. Another way to do it is to click Share > Share Your Screen in the IM toolbar (in Windows) while in the conversations window. There is also an option in the chat window.

The screen sharing facility in Skype

Once you are sharing your screen the other user can see exactly what you are doing. It might be a bit fussy but is great for getting a general gist of what someone is talking about, reducing the resolution can help with reading text.

While screen sharing you can take a video snapshot of what your colleague is doing in case you want to watch it later. It’s a really useful bit of functionality!

Watching someone else's video using the screen sharing facility in Skype

As it’s all free I’d definitely recommend you have a go!


3 thoughts on “Screen Sharing with Skype

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  2. When Skype added the ability to screenshare it hugely simplified a lot of my collaboration sessions. No more walking my counterpart through a complicated VNC setup, just click a button on our Skype call, and voila. I definitely second the recommendation to use this feature to anyone who is working remotey. The only drawback it has is that it is currently read-only; there’s no way to control the remote desktop. For that you still need VNC or Yuuguu or one of the other dedicated screensharing solutions.

  3. When I share my shcreen they do see my desktop and hear me fine, ad I can see them also, but, they can’t see me! I am using Skype with Logitech Webcam 9000 pro.

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