Summing up IWMW10

Working part-time means that I’ve already missed the boat when it comes to writing about how IWMW10 went. Our IWMW10 blog has summaries of all the plenaries and quite a few of the parallel sessions and barcamps. A number of posts covering how the video streaming, technologies and remote participation have already been written by those who organised and participated in the event. See the MmIT blog: IWMW10 – remote participation at its best, Ann Priestley’s #iwmw10 follow-up (1): eavesdropping on the conversation and Brian Kelly’s Initial Reflections on IWMW 2010 and Further Reflections on IWMW 2010: Innovation and Sustainability.

Well what can I say, we had the lot: mobile talks, video streaming, geolocated tweets, the QR quiz, live blogging and coverIt-live, slides on Slideshare, recorded talks online, an online BarCamp and more.

As I’m lost for words why not watch a Animoto video I’ve made to sum up the event.

Note: I created the video in Animoto and thought I would be able to embed it. I have done this in the past and written about how to do it ( Animoto: Sharing Video). Unfortunately it seems that downloading and embedding in WordPress are only supported when you pay for full-length videos. Ho hum!


Most of the photos were taken by me but a few weren’t. Thanks those who took the extra ones. They are all available from Flickr using the iwmw10 tag and all have a Creative Commons licence on them.


2 thoughts on “Summing up IWMW10

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  2. Have you tried this? It works for me.

    1. At Animoto, log in to view your video then click the Video Toolbox just below the video
    2. Click the Embed button
    3. Copy the embed code to your clipboard
    4. In your WordPress post or page, scroll down to Custom Fields
    5. Under Name, enter HTML1 and to its right in the Value field, paste in the code for the Animoto video.
    6. Click the Add Custom Field button
    7. Then, up in your post or page, enter html1 where you want the video to be inserted.
    8. Publish


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