Get the most out of the OU online conference

The OU online conference kicks off today. The organisers have sent around a 10 step plan to get the most out of the OU event which its really useful.

They suggest:

  1. Block out time in your dairy to participate in the synchronous Elluminate sessions. See: for the programme with the links to the Elluminate sessions.
  2. Let your colleagues in your office know what you are doing and tell them what level of crisis it needs to be for you to be happy to be disturbed by them (and encourage them to also take part).
  3. If you think there will be too many interruptions in your normal working area, see if you can go to a quiet room or meeting room with a laptop (can you borrow one if you do not already have one?).
  4. As a minimum, make sure you have a set of earphones available and that they work with the equipment that you have and that sound is also working on your equipment. If you think you may want to contribute to the audio discussion you will also need a microphone, also worth testing beforehand.
  5. Test that Elluminate works on your equipment. See: Conference Info: Using Elluminate
    To actively participate:
  6. Watch the pre-conference videos at and comment on the cloud (interviews with Martin Bean, Simon Buckingham Shum, Grainne Conole, Andrew Law).
  7. Join the main Elluminate presentation sessions (see: for the programme with the links to each Elluminate session) and contribute to the questions and debate with text chat and/or audio within the Elluminate session.
  8. Join the moderated breakout Elluminate discussion rooms after each main session.
  9. Watch the multimedia presentations in cloudworks and add comments to the clouds. For the list see: Your Contributions for OU ‘Learning in an Open World’ conference
  10. Give us your feedback after the event (at and there is a cloud for free format feedback:

Unfortunately I can’t attend today but hope to pop along on Wednesday. Enjoy!