The Totally Online OU Conference

Fancy attending the Annual Open University Conference? This year’s theme is Learning in an Open World and it is open to everyone, not just OU people. Oh…budget cuts mean you can’t justify the travel at the moment? Well not to worry the whole conference is online only!

This year’s OU conference is the first totally online HE/FE conference that I’ve seen. The event will take place across 2 days (22nd and 23rd June), with the synchronous presentations being held in Elluminate and asynchronous discussion held in Cloudworks.

Martin Weller gives the full details on his blog but the essentials are that the conference divides into four session, each with three OU speakers talking about a specific project. There is then a moderated discussion session where people can go into one of three Elluminate rooms to discuss issues from the talks. After that everyone reconvenes for an external speaker. Elluminate sessions are set to a limit of 300 users (this is because, as Martin explains, managing discussion becomes difficult beyond this). However if there is a huge amount of interest the OU have said that they can investigate alternatives. All the sessions will be recorded and available for viewing after the event.


There is still time to contribute something about your project, work or research (deadline is 7th June). They don’t want papers but are after digital artefacts (so a Slideshare presentation, YouTube video, Flickr photos or another Cloud in Cloudworks will do).


If you are interested in attending one session or more you need to register your interest on the Cloudworks space.

The theme will explore how ‘open’ has evolved in education since the OU’s inception in 1969. They will be looking at projects such like openlearn, cloudworks, Moodle, iSpot. Should be interesting.

I’ll be there…well I’ll be here but I’ll also be there…you know what I mean!

The twitter hashtag for the conference is #OUConf10