Reaching out to Remote Workers at Bath Uni

As part of their staff development quota Bath University Computing service (BUCS) provide a series of Internal Lectures. I was invited along yesterday by Dave Cunningham to give a talk on remote working. They are a technical bunch so this was a bit of daunting prospect! I made sure I started off with a disclaimer about being a user rather than a support person! Anyway my talk seemed to spark off a fair amount of discussion and there were lots of encouraging noises about remote working. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see the University of Bath making moves in this direction in the near future.

As an aside I have heard unconfirmed rumours that investigation is being carried out into locating a wind turbine up at the Uni (seems to me to be a good place for one, the University is located up a very big hill and has it’s own windy climate!) This would be a progressive way to provide renewable energy for general electricity use and its data centres. It would be great if the University could add encouraging remote workers to it’s green efforts. My talk was actually given in the video conferencing suite, another area that I really hope they do more with in the near future.

Anyway here are my slides (on slideshare) for those interested. They are embedded below if your browser supports this.

The abstract was..

Working away from your office can often be a daunting and isolating
experience, but it needn’t be. Today there are a huge amount of tools
that can support you, and one of them is your IT services team! This
session will look at the communication challenges and opportunities
remote working and virtual teams pose for both the employee and those supporting them.

… the talk will appeal to remote workers, those supporting remote workers, those who occasionally work from home or are thinking about it, those working in virtual teams and anyone interested in Web 2.0 and communication technologies.