Remote conference participation – the debate starts

Remotely attending conferences – efficient use of time or just not as good as the real thing?

Martin Weller, who wrote a guest blog post for Ramblings of a Remote Worker not long back, has written a post on his Ed Techie blog considering remote participation and whether its heading in the right direction.

Martin explains:

There are a few things that interest me about this. The first is how does it change the nature of the conference to have this broader participation? Secondly, how can conference organisers and presenters best take advantage of it and incorporate it into the conference? Thirdly, what is the experience like for the remote participant compared with the ‘real thing’?

He has set up a quick 5 question survey to get a feeling for how remote participation compares with real attendance.

He’s also set up a space in cloudworks for a flash debate. There are already lots of interesting comment.

Definitely a space worth watching (remotely!)


2 thoughts on “Remote conference participation – the debate starts

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  2. Hey nice post… Sometimes I do wonder which makes sense either a face to face conference or a web conference. The advancement of technology has been a great boon for the development of the concept of web based conferencing as you have said, however I personally feel that there is nothing as good as the real thing with the human touch! .. regards, Joel

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