The air here has no Internet in it

The Saturday Guardian is my only weekly newspaper treat. I really enjoy Tim Dowling’s column. His art is in making readers feel that they aren’t ‘mucking it up’ nearly as much as he is! Being a writer means that Tim is one of us, a remote worker (or a portable breadwinner as he puts it). This week’s instalment had Tim on holiday with his family but still trying to work.

My wife goes off to see their cottage while I stay behind to establish an internet connection so I can start work. I try every gadget in my sack of dongles and wires. Nothing works. The air here has no internet in it. I end up standing on a dresser while holding my laptop out of the bedroom window, thinking about the many different places I have travelled to in order to work from: the field in Cornwall where I found a faint mobile signal, the hotel lobby in Slovakia, the Turkish internet cafe, the services on the M5.

Tim’s frustration brought a smile to my lips. It just isn’t possible to always be connected!

On our recent holiday, being dongleless, my husband had to make many trips to the local Conservative club just to get a wifi connection. I threatened to take a photo of him leaving the building to send to his friends!

For most of us being constantly connected isn’t always easy (and not always desirable). There continue to be not-spots for our phones and laptops and maybe sometimes we should be grateful for that. After all a holiday should be a holiday!

After a surreal experience walking round the seaside town he’s in Tim starts to wonder:

Has the whole of Shepherd’s Bush decamped here in order to experience substandard Wi-Fi provision? What’s relaxing about that?