Netskills Web2practice

Netskills, who provide training for Higher Education institutions, have just brought out a series of Guides to emergent technologies and innovative practice entitled Web2practice. For example have a look at this one on microblogging. Lots of useful advice for remote workers.


(Note: I’ve tried embedding the video (from BlipTV) but I can’t seem to reduce the screen size of it so have used a little work around. If anyone knows how to do it let me know! All the Web2practice videos are available from Bliptv.)

Netskills have also produced guides on:
* Social Media
* Collaborative Writing
* Podcasting
* Microblogging

Further topics are planned, including: Social Bookmarking, Blogging, Communications and Digital Identity.


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  2. The embed options for videos on are pretty limited and I can’t find a simple workaround to manually control the player size on WP.

    The most obvious problem I found when looking for one was that the WP embed shortcode calls the original (960px) version of the video thumbnail and tries to fit it into a much smaller player, which looks very odd! This doesn’t happen on other blog platforms. I’ll reupload the thumbnails at a smaller original size to correct this.

    On the web2practice blog on JISCinvolve (based on WPMU), we used the ‘EmbedIt’ plugin to add the videos. This lets you use HTML object/embed code, so you have much more control. Unfortunately, that plugin isn’t available on, so it doesn’t help you here.

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