Come Together

There are currently 33 permanent UKOLN staff members listed on the UKOLN Staff page. Add in the 4 temporary staff and that makes 37 of us (8 people work remotely).

We’ve got considerably bigger in last few years. I think we were cruising along in the high teens, low twenties when I started back in May 2000. Unfortunately the reality is that with such a big team a lot of us rarely get to meet up. With the exception of the UKOLN 30 year anniversary last year (which I didn’t attend having just returned from maternity leave) and the sporadic away days we have (2 since I joined) the opportunities to all come together are few and far between. Which was why it was so great that our admin team decided to organise an informal lunch for us yesterday at the American Museum, Bath.


OK, not everyone went but quite a few people did, including four remote workers. We all enjoyed a spectacular view and some friendly chat about life, the universe and digital information!

I personally feel that having an organisational culture that supports informal meet ups is really important. It makes for a positive, productive, environment – and that’s great for employers and employees alike.

Roll on Christmas lunch!


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