Virtually Friends

I’m doing Race for life this Sunday and am collecting sponsorship through my online sponsorship page (feel free to sponsor me!) Race for life takes place all over the country and is Cancer Research UK’s biggest event bringing together thousands of women each year to walk, jog or run 5k and raise money to beat cancer.  To date, four million women have raised over £240 million for Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work.


Anyway this isn’t just a shameless plug, there’s slightly more to it than that …

I’ve done Race for life before and have previously used printed out sponsorship forms as well as the online one. This year I decided to ditch the paper copy and go just for the online version. My personal promotion has taken the form of emailing a big chunk of my contacts list, sticking a link on Facebook and Tweeting about it.

Some of my friends and colleagues have sponsored me, others haven’t (quite a lot of apologies from people who have sponsored lots of other Race for life participants already – totally understand – there’s a lot of us doing it) and some probably don’t know yet (and won’t find out) because they don’t go online very often. OK no big surprises there.

What I was surprised about was that I received sponsorship from a few people who I haven’t actually met before and don’t really know. At least I don’t really know them in real life but they are part of my Twitter circle. They are virtual friends, or should I say virtually friends!

I’ve been a member of virtual communities in the past but have never got to know so many people so well in such a quick amount of time – people who I haven’t actually met in the flesh, and am probably unlikely to.

Anyway thanks to all virtual (virtually) friends.

Anyone else want to sponsor me?