Remote Worker Awards

I’ve entered the Remote Worker Awards organised by Remote Employment.

The awards are open to anyone who works remotely or from home and any employer who employs remote workers. Prizes include a £15k home based franchise and a Garden Home Office worth £10k. Why not have a go!

There are several categories:

  • The Home Worker Award – Employees currently working predominantly from home.
  • The Remote Worker Award – Employees currently working remotely, out of office, field or mobile based.
  • Work From Home Award – Anybody who wants to work from home but is currently not doing so.
  • Freelance Consultant Award – Anyone working as a freelance consultant.
  • Helen O’ Grady Special Award – Anyone looking for a life changing career.
  • The Open University Skills Award – Anyone looking to re-train or re-skill possibly following redundancy.
  • The BT Home Business Award – Anyone running a Home Business, large or small.
  • The Vivid Green Award – All entrants are automatically entered.
  • The Remote Employer Award – Companies who have remote or home based workers included in their workforce.

Now I’m not one to enter myself in competitions but this one had my name written all over it!

It’s also a really great opportunity for me to talk more about the support I’ve received from my employers (UKOLN), the support framework we want to share with other remote workers and to enthuse on the positive side of remote working (such as environmental factors and achieving that work-life balance).

Remote Employment recently sent out a press release to my local paper (Melksham Independant News) which led to many people I know (and don’t know) asking me more about my situation. A pretty common reaction was “Aren’t you lucky, I’d love to work from home“. It isn’t all plain sailing but I’m the first to admit that in my situation (a working mum) it really means I can give as much as possible to my two (very different) worlds, which makes me pretty lucky. It also means my children and my work get the best out of me – so they are lucky too!!

Melksham News

You can’t vote for the awards, there is a team of judges who’ll make the decision in late September. I’m just keeping my fingers crossed! That home office would look great in my garden! Not only that it would be an ideal place to hide from my family when the going gets tough!


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  1. That’s great news. Working mums really need their own space. Hope it wrks out for you.


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